Water Use in Shale Production

CH2Mer Michael Dunkel recently sat down with Laura Capper, founder and CEO of CAP Resources and host of “The Energy Makers Show”, to discuss opportunities for transforming the upstream energy water business, as well as the state of shale plays, water management, logistics, economies of scale, best practices, disposal and trucking minimization and operator/regulator collaboration.

Achieving Net Positive Energy and Deammonification Goals at VCS Denmark

Specialists from VandCenter Syd (VCS) Denmark, along with their technology advisors from CH2M, including Dwight Houweling, Senior Wastewater Technologist, have been sharing their knowledge on cutting edge approaches for planning, design and operations of nutrient removal and recovery facilities, at the International Water Association's 2015 Nutrient Removal and Recovery Conference, which is being held in Poland this week. In today's Access Water blog, Dwight blogs about how VCS Denmark has achieved net positive energy and deammonification goals at its wastewater treatment plant.

Sustainable Nutrient Management

Today, during the International Water Association's 2015 Nutrient Removal and Recovery Conference, CH2M Technologist Samuel Jeyanayagam presented on implementing extractive nutrient recovery as an integral component of sustainable nutrient management. Samuel highlighted innovative opportunities and technologies, identified in a recent study conducted by the Water Environment Research Foundation, to enable water resource recovery facilities to make the paradigm shift to adopt extractive nutrient recovery to support the water-energy-nutrient nexus. In his most recent blog, Samuel shares key takeaways from his presentation and discusses some of the benefits of implementing nutrient recovery to demonstrate how water resource recovery facilities can be part of the solution to optimizing the water-energy-nutrient nexus, in addition to accelerating the shift in industry perception of wastewater from ‘waste’ that must be treated to valuable ‘resource’ that can be recovered and reused.

Improving Sludge Granulation at VCS Denmark

The International Water Association is hosting its 2015 Nutrient Removal and Recovery conference in Gdańsk, Poland, from May 18-21. Per Henrik Nielsen from VandCenter Syd (VCS) Denmark guest blogs on CH2M's Access Water blog about a research program implemented at VCS Denmark to improve sludge granulation. Learn how VCS came together with an alliance of utilities in Europe and North America to explore strategies for achieving superior settling properties and effluent quality by inducing mixed liquor organisms to granulate. This is a hot topic in the wastewater industry, as sludge granulation is a leading edge technology and impacts two of the most important goals in our industry: process intensification to achieve more capacity from existing infrastructure and reduction in energy requirements, as a means for wastewater treatment plants to become net energy positive.

U.S Oil and Gas Industry collaborates to advance Energy Water Initiative

CH2M HILL recently published a report, U.S. Onshore Unconventional Exploration and Production Water Management Case Studies, for the Energy Water Initiative (EWI). The report synthesizes 12 case studies which represent a cross section of EWI member company’s—spanning Arkansas, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. The objectives of the case studies were two-fold: to illustrate the diverse, regional water resource challenges the industry faces and share innovative strategies and lessons learned that individual companies have developed to continually evolve stewardship practices with EWI’s members and stakeholders. Read today's Access Water blog to learn more about EWI and download a copy of the report.