Progressive Engagement Communications for Large-Scale Infrastructure Improvements Projects

Attempting to balance project results and deadlines with shareholder expectations, minimal disturbances, and full public accountability generates one of the greatest challenges in any major infrastructure improvement project. To address these challenges, CH2M HILL developed a progressive engagement model to effectively communicate with the governing officials, project managers, construction managers, contractors, and community members affiliated with large-scale infrastructure improvements projects. Joshua Joseph discusses the effort for the Sanitary Sewer Overflow Program for the City of Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish on Access Water and at the AWWA Sustainable Water Management Conference this week.

Shaft Design and Construction Receives International Attention

Pat Doig, Deputy Program Manager on the Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Program in Abu Dhabi, recently attended the Third International Conference on Shaft Design and Construction. The conference covers shafts for mining and civil engineering projects, and attracts interest from shaft-sinking practitioners from around the world. Pat gave the the keynote speech for civil engineering during this year’s conference, during which time he discussed shaft construction for civil engineering projects, including available construction methods, what they involve, and when they are likely to be considered viable.

Crossing Water and Energy Boundaries in the Middle East: Integrated Resource Planning For a New City

Several countries on the Arabian Peninsula are investing heavily in developing leading edge cities that embody a holistic view toward resource management of water, energy and carbon. To meet these goals in a financially viable manner, both horizontal and vertical infrastructure must be considered. CH2M HILL’s Voyage model is designed to calculate life cycle costs analysis and carbon footprints, and provide an optimized technology solution to meet business case economic considerations, incorporating total water management principles to manage the urban water cycle. Mark Anderson, CH2M HILL Senior Technologist and Project Manager, discusses the application of Voyage in the latest Access Water and at his World Environmental and Water Resources Congress presentation this week.

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Regional Water Supply in the Puget Sound: Managing Risk and Planning for the Future

Tacoma Water expects to enter long-term water supply agreements in the near future. An analysis of yield and associated uncertainties was required in order to maximize the commitment of water in these future agreements, so CH2M HILL developed a Voyage™ Water Resources Decision Support Model that can simulate the behavior of the portfolio supply system for decision-making. Mark Anderson, CH2M HILL senior technologist and project manager, will be presenting on this topic at the World Environmental and Water Resources Congress this week and shares more in the latest Access Water.

World Water Forum Showcases Political Support & Progress

Dr. Glen Daigger, International Water Association President and CH2M HILL Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, shares important topics covered during the Sixth World Water Forum in Marseille, France. The Forum is held every three years and has the objective of focusing and developing greater political will to address the global water and sanitation issues.