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Week of February 11, 2013

This week’s top news:

From AWWA:  The Call for papers from the Water Quality and Technology Conference closes Wednesday February 13.  Read more at:

From (requires free trial subscription):  EPA announced that it is scrapping its October 2010 Arsenic Health Effects Integrated Risk Integrated System report and will restart the process of analyzing health effects, after criticism from the National Research Council.  Read more at:

From the California Water Boards:  680 community water systems in CA rely on a contaminated groundwater source, 265 have served water that exceeded a public drinking water standard during the most recent CDPH compliance cycle (2002-2010).  Read more at:

From the Environmental Leader:  MillerCoors has reduced the amount of water it needs to make beer.  Read more at:

From Bloomberg:   The “Water is Your Business” site went live February 6th, sponsored by the National Association of Water Companies and U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Read more at:

From the USGS:  The USGS published a new study documenting drops in groundwater levels over the 44,000 sq mi Columbia River Plateau.  Read more at:

From the Eurekalert:   Mercury contamination can be detected with a mobile phone.   Read more at:

From the New York Times:  Several Texas towns moving forward with water recycling plans.  Read more at:

From NPR:  New commercially available nano-materials product repels water.  Read more at:

From the Huffington Post:  A call for a national discussion on U.S. Water Infrastructure funding.  Read more at:

From Science Direct:  PureMadi, a nonprofit University of Virginia organization, has invented a simple ceramic water purification tablet. Called MadiDrop, the tablet — developed and extensively tested at U.Va. — is impregnated with silver or copper nanoparticles.  Read more at:

From WaterWorld:  An independent UN expert calls on Thailand to step up its efforts to provide access to water for all.


Week of February 4, 2013

This week’s top news:

From the Capital Press:  An effort to expand irrigation supply in eastern Oregon moves forward with a broad based coalition prepared to sign a declaration of coopertation.  Read more at:

From the Sequim Gazette:  Washington Department of Ecology and Washington Water Trust explain the process for home builders to obtain water rights from the trust.  Read more at:

From the World Resources Institute:  The World Resources Institute has developed a new tool for business to measure water risk.  Read more at:

From Science Daily:  A University of Florida study finds that when urban water storage is included in water modeling, US water scarcity is not as bad as previously thought.  Read more at:

From Bloomberg:   Russia’s largest renewable energy producer proposes to create a holding company to modernize Russia’s water and sewer systems.  Read more at:

From New City Patch:  United Water warns customers of phone scams.  Read more at:

From the USA Today:   Foes of smart meters complain about the rising costs of water.   Read more at:

From the Peninsula Daily News:  The Elwha Dam removal project takes a hiatus, while repairs are made to the industrial water treatment plant.  Read more at:

Week of January 28, 2013

This week’s top news:

From Esquire:  Beer costs less than water in Czechoslovakia, but that may change.  Read more at:

From the San Francisco Chronicle:  The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission amended it’s wholesale contracts with 26 water agencies to give them a voice in Hetch Hetchy’s future.  Read more at:

From Xylem:  Xylem announced that they have secured $158 million in loans from the European Investment Bank to finance research and development projects in 2013 and 2014 at their facilities in the U.K., Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Norway and Hungary.  Read more at:€120-million-research-and-product-development-financing-partnership-.aspx

From the Los Angeles Times:  A mile deep aquifer discovered beneath Mexico City may help solve that City’s long-term water supply issues.  Read more at:,0,994648.story

From the Woodland Daily Democrat:   The staff of the $245 million Woodland-Davis Surface Water Project is complimented for providing transparent funding explanations to the community.  Read more at:

From Virtual Strategies:  CH2M HILL joins Think Beyond the Label, a private-public collaborative that connects businesses, job seekers and the public workforce system together to ensure greater employment opportunities for workers with disabilities.  Think Beyond the Label will help CH2M HILL attract new candidates and build awareness for the company’s disability hiring efforts.  Read more at:

From Fox Business:  Some investors say that their inability to hedge their risk in the water business is the reason why the sector does not garner a lot of private investment dollars.   However, the partnership between IBM and Waterfund, LLC  aims to develop new derivatives based on Waterfund’s index.  Read more at:

From Bloomberg:  Leighton Holding’s Theiss unit won a 5 year operations and maintenance contract with Sydney Water worth $182 million.  Read more at:

From the San Diego Union Tribune: Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District offers free low flow toilets to customers.  Read more at:

From the ABC News:  Water utilities share $105 million settlement from the maker of Atrazine.   Read more at:

 From the Coloradoan:  A gray water reuse bill may pass in Colorado this year.  Read more at:

From the Mount Vernon News:  U.S. Rep. Bob Gibbs, R-Ohio, has been selected as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment for the 113th Congress. Read more at:

From Bloomberg:  Acciona SA was selected to expand Fujairah desalination plant in the United Arab Emirates.  Read more at:

Week of January 21, 2013

This week’s top news:

From Sys-Con Media:  CH2M HILL has been named one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work for”.  Read more at:

From Triple Pundit:  An interview with CH2M HILL’s Linda Macpherson on Water Reuse at the International Water Summit.  Read more at:

From Reuters:  Bilfinger buys Johnson Screen for $134 million.  Read more at:

From Bloomberg:   The World Bank says a pipeline and desalination plant from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea is feasible, even with a $10 billion price tag..  Read more at:

From the St. Louis Post Dispatch:  St. Louis’ proposed contract with Veolia to evaluate cost saving measures draws protest.  Read more at:

From the Huffington Post:  DC Tap water will be served at the inauguration – see how it faired in this informal taste test.   Read more at:

From the Lincoln Journal Star:  A Nebraska state Senator is promoting sales tax as a funding source for water projects.  Read more at:

From the Palm Beach Post:  Florida water management districts are planning Public Information Systems for public outreach and advertising revenue .  Read more at:

From the USA Today:  Camp Lejeune water contamination dates back to 1953. Read More at:

 From the Hilton Head Island Packet:  South Carolina threatens a lawsuit if a deal can’t be reached.  Read more at:

From the Lemon Grove Patch:  A California group calls for expanding water supplies with stormwater. Read more at:

Week of January 14, 2013

This week’s top news:

From the Scientific American:   This article puts the Revised Total Coliform Rule into terms the general public can understand.  Read more at:

From the Guardian:  This UK newspaper does a nice job of defining the US quandary around declining water use and its impact on the ability of water utilities budgets for infrastructure improvements.  Make sure to check out Figure 3.  Read more at:

From Minnesota Public Radio:  News reports on water utility infrastructure needs are becoming a significant news story.   Read more at:

From the Capital Press:  Oregon may fund its strategic water plan this year.  Read more at:

From Bloomberg:  KKR is increasing its investment in Chinese membrane company; United Envirotech LTD.  Read more at:

From   92 percent of Americans think “U.S. energy planning and decision making” should be based on “a comprehensive understanding of what our national water resources are” – a national water roadmap that Congress asked for, but which was never produced. Read More at:

From the High Country News:  The US Bureau of Land Management approved the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s 263 mile pipeline proposal.  Read more at:

From the Tucson Citizen:  Tucson is developing a sustainable water supply. Read more at:

From the Huffington Post:  An amazing new product turns water into a touch-screen video display.  Read more at:

From the Oregonian:  The Hillsboro Argus breaks the news on the new proposed $870 million Washington County water supply project to tap the Willamette River.  Read more at:

From the Today Show:  The Today show reminds people that methane is flammable.  Read more at:

From the Times Record News:  Wichita Falls is taking another look at water recycling.  Read more at:

From the San Francisco Chronicle:  Texas has strong support for a $2 Billion water infrastructure bill.  Read more at:

From Gizmodo:  Graphene dioxide has promise for removal of radioactive contaminants from water.  Read more at:

From Yahoo News:  Canada plans $330 million investment in aboriginal water systems.  Read more at:

From the Juneau Empire:  Juneau plans to filter one of its unfiltered sources.  Read more at:


Week of January 7, 2013

This week’s top news:

From the Milford Daily News:  A Worcester Superior Court judge has authorized a class action lawsuit against the Milford Water Company after a boil water order in August 2009.  The plaintiffs allege unfair and deceptive trade practices, negligence, gross negligence, breach of contract, and breach of common law warranty.  Read more at:

From the News Obsever:  Attorneys for two Stockton California Water Districts urged a US Court of Federal Claims judge to order the Bureau of Reclamation to pay damages because 155,ooo acre-feet was not available from the New Melones Lake between 1994 and 2004.  Read more at:

From the Monterey County Herald:  Monterey County could lose a 1957 water right that allows up to 168,000 acre-feet withdrawal from the Salinas River to help prevent seawater intrusion .  Read more at:

From the Coloradoan:  Water and Energy are expected to be a focus of the 2013 Colorado General Assembly.  Read more at:

From the Texas Tribune:  The US Supreme Court will hear a cross boarder water dispute between Texas and Oklahoma.  The court is expected to use the case to clarify the right of a state to claim its share of a water rights compact from the waters of the shared river as it flows through a neighboring state. Read more at:

From Tampa Bay Online:  The City of Tampa is testing a rebate program of up to $500 per household to encourage conservation.  Read more at:

From the Kansas City Star:  A review of fluoride debate issues is provided after the failed Wichita fluoride vote.  Read more at:

From Michigan Live:  The City Council President and three other residents are suing the City of Flint Michigan for a water service charge that they allege exceeds the actual cost of providing water.  Read more at:

From KOMO News:  Ferndale Washington residents are complaining about hard water after the City switched from surface water to groundwater.  Read more at:

From the San Francisco Chronicle:  The State of Nebraska is imposing limits on use of the Republican River after it failed to meet an agreement with Kansas and Colorado on how much water it would use from the River.  Read more at:


Week of December 31, 2012

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

This week’s top news:

From the Wall Street Journal:  The New York Environmental Facilities Corp issued more than $1 Billion in bonds this year to refinance and fund new water projects.  This amount is more than double any other state.  Read more at:

From U-T San Diego:  San Diego County Water Authority will provide almost $1 million in incentives to remove turf grass.    Residents can get up to $3,000 and businesses can get up to $9,000. Read more at:

From the Merced Sun Star:  The newly formed Merced Regional Water Management Group will compete with other California regions for funding to improve infrastructure, water quality and to protect groundwater, .  Read more at:

From the Los Angeles Times:  A new study by Columbia University predicts that western water run-off could decrease by 10% in three regions examined by the study: Colorado-Nevada, The Colorado River Headwaters and Texas.  Read more at:,0,5925540.story?track=rss

From the Minnetonka Patch:  The City of Minnetonka warned resident of water testers going door to door in order to sell water filtration systems to homeowners.  Read more at:

From the Fresno Bee:  The City of Fresno’s completion of meter installations resulted in a 17% drop in water use the first year.  Read more at:

From the Lehigh Valley Morning Call:  Allentown, PA is evaluating a 50 year lease of the City’s water and sewer utilities.  Read more at:,0,348168.story

From CBS DFW:  A Federal Waiver on invasive species allows water transfer from Oklahoma to Texas.  Read more at:

From Gizmodo:  Ireland’s Water Towers lauded for their architectural design.  Read more at:

Week of December 24, 2014

This week’s top news:

From the USEPA:  EPA released a study on hydraulic fracturing, but does not draw conclusions on the threat to drinking water.  The agency is expected to develop conclusions by 2014.  Read more at:


From the New York Times:  The Texas Legislature seems poised to fund large water projects in the state.   Proposals include drawing $1 billion or more from the rainy day fund and developing an infrastructure bank.   Read more at:


From the Texas Tribune:  A private funding source plans to take a 47% stake in a new $330 million dollar surface water reservoir project near Dallas.  Read more at:

From Reuters:  Private equity firm KKR & Co LP in a joint venture with Suez Environment will run the water and wastewater systems of Bayonne, New Jersey city it hopes will become a model for cash-strapped local authorities in the United States.   KKR and Suez subsidiary United Water will pay $150 million to the city of Bayonne for the rights to a 40-year concession, allowing them to collect water and wastewater revenues.  The agreement also requires another $157 million over the life of the contract to manage and upgrade the systems.  Read more at:

From the Santa Rosa Press Democrat:  The Santa Clara Valley Water District voted to begin fluoridating its service area, which includes San Jose, CA.  Read more at:

From the Tacoma News Tribune:  Washington Governor, Christine Gregoire’s budget proposal includes funding the initial steps to implement the Yakima Basin water plan.  Read more at:

From the Cambridge Chronicle and from Fox5 San Diego:  Two incidences of people posing as water department employees were reported to police.  Read more at:


Week of December 3, 2012

This week’s top news:

From CH2M HILL:  California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia form West Coast Infrastructure Exchange.  This partnership will help the States and Province develop competitive strategies to help meet more than $1 trillion in infrastructure needs over the next 30 years.  Read more at:

From the Las Vegas Review Journal:  The Colorado River 5 year trial agreement includes a one-time storage boost to Lake Mead based on projected savings from Canal Lining and conservation projects in Mexico to be funded by the Southern Nevada Water Authority.  This and other provisions are viewed as precedent setting for a future water market.  Read more at:

From Reuters:  Samsung and Shanghai Electric won a $3 billion dollar desalination and power plant project on the Red Sea Coast of Saudi Arabia.  The new plant will have a capacity of 550,000 cubic meters per day (132 mgd) of desalinated water and a power capacity of 2,500 megawatts.  Read more at:

From  Trenton, New Jersey public works is having problems filling positions because of requirements to live within city limits and the need to get licensed personnel for many positions.  Read more at:

From the LA Times:  Disruption of the water supply to Los Angeles by a major earthquake could cost the region $55 to $75 billion a new study says.  An earthquake that severed the Sacramento, San Joaquin Delta supply and that would take up to a year to fix would cost $55 billion.  If it took 2 years to fix it would have a $75 billion dollar impact..  Read more at:,0,2532914.story&ct=ga&cad=CAEQAhgBIAAoATAhOCFAka7khQVIAVAAWABiBWVuLVVT&cd=Z63u7gO9rvY&usg=AFQjCNEDC_KDeDfG-phm4ViF22fXM6f9dA

From Bloomberg:  Greece plans to invite investors next month to formally express interest in buying some or all of its 74 percent stake in Thessaloniki Water Supply & Sewage Co. (EYAPS) SA, the country’s second-largest water company.  Read more at:

From the Savannah Morning News:  Groundwater withdrawals in Georgia and South Carolina are causing salt water intrusion in South Carolina Water Supplies.  The South Carolina Governor’s Savannah River Committee is developing a plan to limit withdrawals that will be presented to Georgia.  Read more at:

From the North County Times:  Carlsbad, CA approves a $30 million expansion to its water recycling system.  The money will be used to expand the distribution network throughout the utilities service area.  Read more at:

From the Daily Record News:  Washington State has developed a new Water Rights Examiner program.  Professional engineers and land surveyors, registered hydrogeologists and local water conservancy board members are among those considered initially eligible to become certified water right examiners.

From MSNBC:  The San Diego County Water Authority approved a 30-year contract with Poseidon Resources LLC, which needed the deal to finance construction of a $984 million desalination plant.  The plant in Carlsbad is designed to produce 50 million gallons of highly purified drinking water a day, enough to supply about 8 percent of the region in 2020.  Read more at:

From the Glendale News Press:  Glendale California is wrapping up a decade long study that has helped identify the best ways to remove hexavalent chromium from water.,0,4177424.story

From the Christian Science Monitor:  The Christian Science Monitor has a cover story package of articles on the Global Water Crisis, which can be read at:

Week of November 19, 2012

Utility Business

From WFMJ:  Utilities join national resolution for water infrastructure.

From the Portland Tribune:  West Linn seeks 18% rate hike to replace aging infrastructure.

From the Christian Science Monitor:  The Israeli – Palestinian Joint Water Committee remains after the 1995 Oslo accords.

From the Times Picayune:  The New Orleans Water and Sewer Board will evaluate reforms and rate hikes.

From the Huffington Post:  Xylem CEO says the time is now for water infrastructure fix.

From the Statesman Journal:  Salem approves water and sewer rate hikes.

From the Des Moines Register:  EPA may take over Iowa Clean Water Act Enforcment.

From Bloomberg:  Doosan Heavy Industries acquires Enpure.

From the New York Times:  Climate change could improve groundwater recharge in some areas.

From ABC News:  Water bill leads to foreclosure.

From the Washington Post:  China water scarcity poses big challenge for new party leaders.

From the Sun Sentinel:  Private financing may help move $1billion reservoir project in Florida.

From the Des Moines Register:  Bond insurer seeks takeover of troubled water district.

From NBC News:  ADM has concerns about water supply relaibility.

From the HeraldOnline:  United Water’s private public partnership approach wins award.

From the BBC:  Water main work unearths a Roman Cemetery in the U.K.


From AZ  Gilbert, AZ hires CH2M HILL to identify water issues

From the Arizona Daily Star:  CH2M HILL donates 3,000 lbs of turkey for Thanksgiving


Week of November 12, 2012

Utility Business

From Bloomberg:  Seimens plans sale of its water treatment business.

From Bloomberg:  Brazilian Utility CAERN proposes $361 million for water projects.

From the Detroit News:  The Ex-head of Detroit Water and Sewer pleads guilty in corruption trial.

From the Detroit News:  Detroit Water and Sewer Director says job cuts are painful, but necessary.

From Bloomberg:  Saudi Water Minister signs $196 million in new contracts.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:  Rhode Island voters approve $20 million in new water & sewer projects.

From the Imperial Valley Press:  Regional Water Supply Plan is approved by the county.,0,4489940.story

From the Gilroy Dispatch:  Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Measure B passes with 72% yes vote.

From the Los Angeles Times:  San Francisco measure to demolish Hetch Hetchy defeated.

From the Asheville Citizen Times:  Asheville votes not to sell or merge utility.

From the Seattle Post Intelligencer:  Delaware Water Authority is ordered to release salary information.

From Washington Department of Ecology:  Ecology approves water rights to meet Clark County growth.

From the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:  Golden State water and Claremont, CA disagree on system value.

From the San Jose Mercury News:  Santa Cruz to take cautious approach on desalination outreach.

Safe Drinking Water

From the Huffington Post:  How NY City’s drinking water remained safe through Hurricane Sandy.

From the Coloradoan: Fires and drought will cause Fort Collins water treatment challenges for years to come.

From KAKE:  Wichita vote means no fluoridation

From the Rutland Herald:  City vote chooses chloramination over filtration to reduce DBPs.

Week of October 29, 2012

From  Massive Water Balloon Fight in Dubai.

Utility Business

From the San Francisco Chronicle:  The New Jersey Public Utilities Commission approves a new fee for infrastructure replacement projects.

From the Australian:  Australia frees $265 million for water recovery projects.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:  Utah needs $13.7 billion for water projects.

From  Allentown, PA proposes to lease water & sewer utilities to cover pension obligations.

From Bloomberg:  Columbo, Sri Lanka to get $300 million in water development aid.

From the Wisconsin State Journal:  Public Service Commission rules that customers can opt out of smart meter installation in Madison.

From the Eugene Register Guard:  Veneta, OR pipeline project will allow purchase from EWEB.

From Environmental Protection Online:  GE survey shows widespread support for water reuse.

From the Washington Post:  Falls Church, VA will enter into mediation to sell utility.

From  Santa Cruz voters expected to weigh in on Desal Project.

From the Oregonian:  Residents dispute Lake Oswego WTP in West Linn neighborhood.

From Reuters:  USGS produces graphic of water scarcity.

From Bloomberg:  Peru may invest $5.2 billion in water and wastewater projects.

From Bloomberg Businessweek:  Water stress is hurting 50% of global companies according to the Carbon Development Project.

From Waterworld:  US Bureau of Reclamation announces $15 million in water reuse funding.

From the Hindu:  Delhi’s oldest water treatment is ready for renovation.

From the Dayton Daily News:  Lebanon, OH signs 40 year contract with Cincinatti for water supply.

Safe Drinking Water

From the San Francisco Chronicle:  The owner of a North Carolina Water Utility is sentenced to 3 years in prison, falsified test results.

From the Wichita Eagle: Surrounding municipal water customers wait on Wichita fluoride vote.



Week of October 15, 2012

Utility Business

From the San Jose Mercury News:  Contra Costa Water District complete in conduit hydro project.

From the Oregonian:  Water utility’s union calls for Board to step down.

From WaterTechOnline:  Water Research Foundation discusses challenges and opportunities over next 20 years.

From Reuters:  Water sector based mutual funds on the rise.

From Bloomberg:  Singapore identified as a good place to start a water derivatives market.

From the Sacramento Bee:  South Carolina officials gather to discuss water.

From the Press Enterprise: Chino desalter plants gather record grant funding.

From the Sacramento Bee:  Group calls for greater conservation.

From the Monterey Herald:  A new Environmental Report is ordered for the Monterey supply project.

From the Seattle Times:  Dry weather doesn’t result in increased revenue for Seattle

From Michigan Live:  Flint looking at new water supply options after Detroit contract expires.

From the Huffington Post:  70% of people don’t know where there water comes from.

Safe Drinking Water

From AZ Central:  Arizona Regulators not happy with utility response to E.Coli testing results.


From  The International City/County Management Association’s Center for Management Strategies selected CH2M HILL for research and education collaboration.

From Bloomberg:  CH2M HILL awarded design build contract for Camp Pendleton Desalination Plant

From Business Week:  CH2M HILL awarded Iraq oils services contract.



Week of October 8, 2912

Utility Business

From the Oregonian:  Willamette River emerges as preferred future water supply for Hillsboro.

From KPBS:  San Diego County Water Authority asks for public input on Desalination plan.

From Fox News:  Colorado’s Governor asks President Obama and the Corps of Engineers to speed up permitting.

From the Los Angeles Times:  A study finds that some plants thrive on grey water.,0,6284238.story?track=rss

From Bloomberg Business Week:  Climate change may affect Dutch drinking water quality.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:  Marion IL asks FBI to probe water utility.

From CBS News: PVC pipe manufacturer accused of fraud.

From the Norman Transcript:  Oklahoma Water Resources Board seeking approval to issue bonds.

Safe Drinking Water

From  Kentucky American Water Company to switch from chloramine to free chlorine secondary disinfection as a temporary measure.

From the Sun Sentinel:  Del Ray Beach to switch from chloramine to free chlorine as a temporary measure.,0,7205345.story

From the Sacramento Bee:  Wichita considering fluoridation.


From U-T San Diego:  CH2M HILL awarded design build contract for Camp Pendleton Desalination Plant


Week of October 1, 2012

Utility Business

From the USA Today:  A water rate survey of 100 cities in the US shows water rates increasing in the US.


From the Mitchell Daily Republic:  The Corps of Engineers plan to charge for Missouri River Reservoir water will raise water rates.

From Bloomberg:  German per capita water use drops to 32 gallons.

From National Geographic:  New water visualization graphics unveiled.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:  A survey shows 6% of Atlanta’s water meters are inaccurate.

From the Chicago Tribune: The city of Chicago will continue its push for voluntary water meter installation.

From the Syracuse Post Standard:  MWRA completes reservoir covering project.

From the Lubbock Avalanche Journal:  Lubbock considers water reuse for future water supply.

From  Thieves target more than 100 water districts.

From Bloomberg:  SDWRA releases its proposed desalination purchase agreement for public comment.

From the Santa Cruz Sentinel:  Santa Cruz and Soquel Creek Water District prepare for Desalination Plant.

From the Daily Home:  Florida Water District and Water Authority plan to merge.–water-authority-hoping-to-merge?instance=home_right_bot

From the Telegraph:  Thames water seeks funding for $4bn Thames Tideway project.

From the Detroit Free Press:  Detroit water workers go on strike.

Water Resources

From the Salt Lake Tribune:  Utah water year ends on a dry note.

From Reuters:  More than half of EU water supply projects in Africa fail.

From the Sierra Sun Times:  California’s new water year begins with a mixed forecast.


Week of September 24, 2012

Utility Business

From Bloomberg BusinessWeek:  Desalination in California no Panacea.

From the Las Cruces Sun-News:  US Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner calls for cooperation on Rio Grand Water.

From WDRB:  Louisville Water Utility offers public tours.

From the Otago Daily Times:  Dunedin councilors consider outsourcing of water system operations.

From NPR: Residents of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe asked to synchronize toilet flushing.

From Fox News Latino:  Spain’s Grupo Acciona receives contract to build Mexico City water treatment plant.

From the Oregonian:  Water District Manager and Commissioner wrestle over binder.

From the Palm Beach Sun Sentinel:  Water District advocates call for Florida Governor to restore budget.,0,714127.story

From the Reporter Herald:  Colorado’s Northern Water celebrates 75 years of success.

From the Quincy Herald-Whig:  A spike in water main breaks attributed to drought conditions.

From Bloomberg:  Thames water gets approval to sell to business throughout the UK.

From M  A study conducted for Muskegon, MI Chamber of Commerce, says lower water rates could attract new businesses .

From Bloomberg BusinessWeek:  Shell opens a reclaimed water facility in British Columbia to support development activities.

Water Resources

From Salon Magazine:  Five crazy ideas for new water supplies.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:  New ways to save water.

From NBC Bay Area:  Modesto Irrigation District drops plan to provide water to San Fransisco.

Safe Drinking Water

From the Winston Salem Journal: A Camp LeJeune water treatment plant shut down after 8 lbs of elemental mercury found in pipe.


From 4  CH2M HILL awarded contract to support Navy Construction in Africa.–15218837/

From the Guardian:  How industries are solving water management issues.

From Environmental Protection:  CH2M HILL experts survey changing value of water.


Week of September 17, 2012

Utility Business

From the Oklahoman:  Water infrastructure needs offer a chance to put Americans back to work.

From Wired Magazine:  Salton Sea die-off smelled in Los Angeles

From Bloomberg:  Australia’s largest desalination plant produces first drinking water.

From the Wall Street Journal:  Consolidation aids water industry in Connecticut.

From the Las Vegas Sun: The state supports Southern Nevada Water Authority’s pipeline plan.

From the Las Vegas Sun:  A lawsuit has been filed to try to stop the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s pipeline plan.

From  A Utah dam break floods town.

From All  Water scarcity is fueling Kenya’s wars.

From the El Paso TImes:  Ed Archuleta will retire from El Paso Water Utilities.

From the New York Times:  Portland Oregon unanimously approves fluoridation.

From the Denver Post:  Billionaire Phillip Anschutz developing aquifer supply in south Denver area.

From the Star Telegram:  Arlington, TX to fix leaks, capture lost revenue.

Water Resources

From the Sacramento Bee:  Yakima County set to study Columbia River withdrawal for irrigation needs.

From the Prescott Daily Courier:  State Supreme Court says Arizona has no right to water on Trust lands.

From the Topeka Capital Journal:  Lawrence, KS uses reuse water for irrigation.

From the Bellingham Herald:  After 60 years, Olympia to discontinue use of McAllister Springs.

From  Dow and Saudi Firm, Saline Water Conservation Corporation, to team up on Desalination Research

Safe Drinking Water

From WebMD: Viruses in groundwater sicken 1.1 million per year in US.


From the Johns Creek Herald:  Johns Creek renews CH2M HILL contract.

From the Sports Inquirer:  Lessons learned from London Olympics.


Week of September 10, 2012

Utility Business

From the Boston Herald:  The bottled water industry vows to fight Concord’s bottled water ban.

From the Coloradoan:  Fort Collins resumes river supply after High Park fire.

From Reuters: Ex-NASA engineer develops a google App to chart water quality.

From the Morning Call:  Allentown studies privatization.

From the Rock Hill Herald:  Pennsylvania American promotes tap water with social media.

From Bloomberg:  Brazilian utility Caern plans $383 million upgrade.

From Seeking Alpha:  Singapore’s drive for water independence.

From the San Jose Mercury News:  Sunnyvale-San Jose recycled water project on hold.

From the Montgomery County Gazette:  Utility joins Atrazine class action settlement.

From the Detroit Free Press:  Detroit’s plan to cut workers moves forward.

Water Resources

From Reuters:  Uzbekistan leader says regional water disputes may lead to military conflict.

From MSNBC:  Colorado farmers and oil drillers compete for water.

From the  New South Wales researchers find extreme weather impacts raw water quality.

From the Chicago Tribune:  U.S. and Canada renew the Great Lakes water quality treaty.,0,4747847.story

Safe Drinking Water

From the Times of India:  250 students ill from possible drinking water contamination.

From Business Week:  Chloride levels increasing in Gaza water supplies.

From the Huffington Post:  Is your water making you sick?

From R&D:  Arizona State students are developing a low cost biosensor for waterborne pathogens.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:  Three Indiana towns urged to add fluoride to water.


From the DJC:  Stakeholder involvement is the key to successful development planning.

Week of August 27, 2012

Utility Business

From the San Jose Mercury News:  Taxpayer group opposes Water District sales tax proposal.

From the San Jose Mercury News: California Water Resources Control Board urged to evaluate Desalination plants on a case-by-case basis.

From Global Public Square:  The African Progress Panel identifies priorities for water needs.

From the Washington Post:  DC Water calls for tap water at Inauguration.

From the CBS8:  San Diego County Water Authority releases public survey response.

From Newsday:  A call for consolidation of water and power utilities.

From Bloomberg:  Desalination project to double by 2016 to $17 billion per year.

From the Tacoma News Tribune:  Residents unhappy with new water supply.

From the Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan:  US Army Corps of Engineers plan to charge for Missouri River storage draws fire.

From the Courier Journal:  Louisville Water Company plans to install on-sight chlorine generation to improve safety

From the Telluride News:  Settlement reached on Montrose County, CO water supply plans.

From the Wichita Eagle:  Wichita projects 56% rate increase over next decade.

From the Dickinson Press:  Water needs for Oil fields are increasing prices.

Water Resources

From the Arizona Capital Times:  Arizona nearing its Colorado River allocation.

From the Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan:  New regional Lewis and Clark Water supply project connects to first communities.

From the Quad City Times:  Illinois lawmakers propose to give State more power over water use during drought.

From the Omaha World Herald:  Omaha Municipal Utility District shuts down well field on Platte River.

Safe Drinking Water

From the Oregonian:  Opponents seeking to block fluoridation of Portland’s water supply before city council vote.

From the LA Times:  The two Neti Pot deaths resulting from Naegleria fowleri have been tied directly to premise plumbing.,0,3664181.story

From  Some Gilbert, AZ residents were not getting fluoride for 13 months.–167337185.html

From the Wichita Eagle:  People make cases for and against fluoridation in Wichita, KS


From  Water Match connects water users with potential reuse providers–14471786/

Week of August 13, 2012

Utility Business

From the San Jose Mercury News:  Backing out of CalPERS costs water district.

From the Detroit Free Press:  Detroit Water Department plans to cut 81% of workers.

From the Rueters: China’s bureaucracy makes it difficult to provide widespread safe drinking water.

From Sustainable Business:  Facebook scrutinizes its water use in Prineville, OR

From the Huffington Post:  Drought causing water supply problems across the U.S.

From the Baltimore Sun:  Some large companies owe millions in unpaid water bills.,0,59547.story

From the Amarillo Globe News:  Texas conference predicts growth will follow available water supplies.

From the North County Times:  The San Diego County Water Authority will release their water purchase agreement with Poseidon Resources for public comment.

From  Town values water infrastructure for potential purchase from Aquarion.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:  An audit of water meters in Atlanta finds 2/3rds need repair of replacement.

Water Resources

From the Washington Post:  Map shows large aquifers at risk.

From the Sun Sentinel:  The South Florida Water Management District plans to buy land to help Loxahatchee River restoration.

From the Seattle Times:  Not enough water in the Mississippi to float sternwheeler.

Safe Drinking Water

From  Tulsa achieves Partnership for safe water.

From the Tri City Herald:  A new groundwater treatment plant for Hanford nuclear facility.


Week of August 6, 2012

Utility Business

From the San Jose Mercury News:  Cadiz Inc’s Environmental Impact Report was approved by the Santa Margarita Water District, for the proposed public-private water supply project.

From the Sacramento Bee:  Georgia awards $100 million for new water reservoir and supply projects.

From  The City of Tulsa experiences many water line breaks in hot weather.

From the Sacramento Bee: Hot weather is blamed for water line breaks in Kansas.

From the  Philadelphia water main breaks blamed on heat.

From Bloomberg:  American Water profits rise.

From the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:  Replacing water meters in Texas to cut costs.

From the Star Ledger:  Water infrastructure could weigh down economy if not addressed.

Water Resources

From the Wall Street Journal:  A water war in key Malaysian state.

From the Seattle Times:  Vote could lead to Hetch Hetchy dam removal.

Safe Drinking Water

From the San Francisco Chronicle: Group pushing fluoride in Wichita water.

From the Salem Statesman Journal:  The City of Salem spends time and money on water quality awareness.

Week of July 30, 2012

Utility Business

From the Los Angeles Times:  With interest rates dropping MWDSC was able to pay termination fees on some swaps and still come out ahead.

From the Voice of America:  A new US water partnership plans to spend $500 million around the globe on key water challenges.–163553026.html

From  The City of Louisville expects to save $14m to $24 million in merger with the Metropolitan Sewerage District.

From the Philadelphia Enquirer: A 48” broken main signals the need for water infrastructure investment in Philadelphia.

From the Sacramento Bee:  South Carolina wants a new Water Agreement with Georgia to protect coastal water supplies.

From the Des Moines Register:  Water use is up in Des Moines despite pleas for conservation.

From BusinessWeek:  Singapore in position to have a sustainable water supply, thanks to sustained investment.

Water Resources

From The Topeka Capital Journal:  The Kansas Water Office announced Friday that an executive order issued this week by Gov. Sam Brownback makes state fishing lakes and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reservoirs available as an emergency water source for domestic, municipal and livestock uses.

From the Washington Post:  California Governor Jerry Brown and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced plans for twin tunnels to carry water Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to farmland and cities.

From  How to use the internet to water your plants

From Reuters:  Midwest water supplies punished by drought.

From Bloomberg:  Utah group receives $20M grant to manage Utah water sustainability

From CNN:  China and India should enter into a water treaty to improve scarcity.

From Bloomberg:  Tanzania is planning at least $650 million in projects to bring more potable water to Dar es Salaam and rural areas.

 Safe Drinking Water

From the Chicago Tribune: The State of Illinois sets up two air strippers for Sauk Village vinyl chloride removal.

From Reuters:  The USEPA discontinued supplying drinking water in four homes in Dimrock, PA after completion of testing.


From GovConWire:  Former USAID Head Alonzo Fulgham To Help Form CH2M Hill Intl Development Strategy

From the Clarksville Leaf Chronicle: CH2M HILL receives Governor’s Award of Excellence for Workplace Health and Safety

Week of July 23, 2012

Utility Business

From Fitch Ratings:  Fitch sees financial concern for small utilities with a persistent drought.

From Fox News:  Cuba’s water infrastructure needs investment.

From Bloomberg:  Berlin’s City government raises ownership in Germany’s larger water company.

From Fox News:  New York City café is selling tap water for $2.50 a cup.

From MSNBC:  Albuquerque water officials concerned about jet fuel plume approaching water supply.

From Market Watch:  United Water agrees to sale of Arkansas utilities.

From the State Journal Register:  Springfield, IL City Water, Light and Power sets new production record for water.

From the Hindustan Times:  Water levels in 84 Indian reservoirs are 26% below their 10 year average.

From the Oman Observer:  Members of the Gulf Cooperation Council have earmarked $100 billion for water infrastructure improvement.

From the Philippines Business Inquirer: Manila Water buys 47% stake in Vietnamese water distributor.

From the Baltimore Sun:  Baltimore plans to increase pipe replacement eightfold, to 40 miles per year.,0,7107876.story

From the Washington Post:  California set to announce $23.7 billion twin tunnel water conveyance system.

From the Des Moines Register:  Des Moines Water Works may tap Saylorville Lake for the first time ever.

Safe Drinking Water

From Stars and Stripes:  Camp LeJeune water contamination records released by the Department of Defense.

From US News and World Report:  Water’s effect on your health.

From the Oregonian:  Portland issues boil water notice for area served by open reservoir.

From the Chicago Tribune:  Sauk Village distributing bottled water to residents because of vinyl chloride in water supply.


From  Jay Witherspoon and Dr. Glen Daigger were named Water Environment Federation 2012 Fellows.–14424549/

From  CH2M Hill Employees Rangesh Srinivasan, Kar Munirathinam, Tim Harrison, Jeff Tudini, and Tom Sandy have been selected as recipients of the Water Environment Federation (WEF) 2012 Rudolfs Medal for their paper, “Selenium Treatment of Mine Water Effluent in a Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR),”.–14422825/

Week of July 16, 2012

Utility Business

From the Charlotte Business Journal:  Envision Charlotte’s new water saving sustainability initiative; Smart Water Now, managed by CH2M HILL.

From Reuters:  Nestle Chairman says we should be more concerned about water scarcity that CO2 emmissions.

From the NY Daily News:  Indian official calls for transparent water pricing structures.

From WKTV:  The State of New York and Mohawk Valley Water Authority end seven years of litigation over water supply.

From  Water Resource Stress Conference will be held August 16, 2012 in Houston, TX.

From Reuters:  Britain outlines measures to allow increase water utility competition.

From KTUL:  Tulsa, OK prepares for switch to chloramines.

From the USA Today:  Deep brine linked to shallower groundwater supplies in Pennsylvania.

From Business Week: New Zealand electrical utility asset sale may be confounded by Maori water claim.

From KXAN:  The Texas General Land Office is evaluating desalination in Central Texas.

From the Monterey Herald:  The Monterey Peninsula Water Management District plans to add property tax to customer’s bills.

Safe Drinking Water

From Market Watch:  A new study says 8 glasses of water each day is not needed.

From the Fort Worth Star Telegram:  Fort Worth experiencing Taste and Odor event.

From KPCC:  Metropilotan Water District of Southern California experiencing taste and odor event as a result of algal blooms in State Project Water.


Week of July 9, 2012

Utility Business

From Daily Finance:  Water stocks touted as good bet after Veolia deal analysis of EBITDA and Regulated Asset Base (RAB).

From the Maui News:  Maui County officials are evaluating new connection fee alternatives.–30K-under–philosophy-.html?nav=10

From Market Watch:  An Energy Savings Performance Contract is being used to install new water meters in Bay City, TX.

From Market Watch:  A wrap up of Singapore Water Week, with 18,554 participants

From Bloomberg Business Week:  Indiana State Officials call for state-wide water conservation in only the second time in history.

From the Baltimore Sun:  Anne Arundel County considers bottling water as new revenue source.

From Bloomberg Business Week:  Kentucky state officials list 27 counties on water shortage watch.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:  The legislature has delayed the California Water Bond vote to 2014.

From the Arizona Republic: The Navajo Tribal Council voted down a proposed water rights settlement on the Little Colorado River.

From Bloomberg:  Amiad announces a supply contract for Israel’s 4th Desalination Facility.

From the Columbus Dispatch:  Power outages disrupt water supplies in rural Ohio.

From National Geographic:  Colorado Wildfires threaten drinking water supplies.

From The Chico Enterprise Record:  Butte County, CA nears deal to lease stored water to Districts.

From Bloomberg Business Week: New plants propose thermal distillation for Marcellus Shale fracking water treatment.;CNX&ticker=CNX:US

Water Resources

From National Geographic:  An outline for a national evaluation of water resources.

From NPR:  Brackish water desalination, reuse, conservation and aquifer storage and recovery as innovative solutions to Texas water resource problems.

From LA Times: Editorial calls for cooperation in Bay Delta Conservation Plan to be released this month.,0,7751432.story

From the Woodland Daily Democrat:  The City of Woodland, CA begins site work on new Water Treatment Plant

From Bloomberg:  The EU is developing a new policy paper on drinking water supplies.

Safe Drinking Water

From the Sacramento Bee:  California commits $8 million for town with high arsenic levels.

From the Chicago Tribune:  Three people have died and 50 more are sick from contaminated well water in Cuba.

From the Connecticut Mirror:  Connecticut state officials find pesticides in 31% of private wells tested.


From Desalination and Water Reuse:  CH2M HILL will help Singapore PUB and Singapore Cooperation Enterprise develop reuse facilities for the Delhi Jal Board.

From the Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce:  The value of hands on experience with Design Build at the University of Oregon.

From Market Watch and Singapore International Water Week:  CH2M HILL honored for outstanding achievements in Global Water Industry.

Week of July 2, 2012

Utility Business

From The Star-Ledger:  Bridge Collapse in New Jersey leads to water outage for 185,000.

From the Camden Courier Post:  Camden water system under stress.

From the Oregonian:  Legal costs increase water rate.

From the Denver Post: Colorado Drought could threaten 1863 water right.

From Bloomberg:  The Saudi Press Agency announced $5.1 billion in new water projects.

From Bloomberg:  UK Water company stocks are attractive.

From the Sacramento Bee:  Company thinks adaptive water management is the key to infrastructure financing.

From the Indianapolis Business Journal:  Indianapolis sets new peak day record for water use.

From Business Week:  Veolia sells UK Water for $1.9 billion U.S.

From Market Watch:  Water Treatment Technology growth may be highest in developing countries.

Water Supply

From Reuters:  MillerCoors is helping ranchers conserve water near breweries.

From Reuters:  India’s water reservoirs are at 16% of capacity.

From the Montgomery Advertiser:  Following the supreme court’s refusal to hear a tri-state water dispute, the Corps of Engineers says it can act on 12 year old water requests for Lake Lanier.

From the Washington Post:  North and South Korean Drought threatens food supply.

From Bloomberg:  Anglian Water reservoir gets 60 wildlife rafts to offset habitat impacts from drought.

From Bloomberg:  The Claremont, CA council seeks to purchase water utility.

From the LA Times:  Governor Jerry Brown’s California Water Bond measure may be taken off November ballot.

Safe Drinking Water

From Denver ABC Channel 7:  Colorado School of Mines new report on how wildfire could affect Colorado Springs water supply.


From the Denver Post: CH2M HILL playing major role at London Olympics

From WaterOnline: CH2M HILL sponsoring Singapore International Water Week

From WaterWorld:  CH2M HILL will help Singapore Public Utilities Board implement 40 mgd of reuse supply in India.