Howdy from Denver, CO!

CH2M HILL is looking forward to attending AWWA ACE 2013 in Denver, Colorado, where CH2M HILL’s global headquarters is located! We have a long-standing history of providing reliable water planning and infrastructure solutions to our clients throughout the Rocky Mountain region. We share a common goal of preserving, protecting and enhancing water supplies that are critical to our communities, environment and local economies.

Colorado Springs Utilities, Southern Delivery System

Colorado Springs Utilities, Southern Delivery System

Denver Water, Recycling Plant

Denver Water, Recycling Plant

Aurora Water, Binney Water Purification Facility

Aurora Water, Binney Water Purification Facility







Many of our employees are presenting papers, moderating technical sessions, participating in committee, division and council meetings, or just enjoying the plethora of great people and topics present at the conference. We consider this an opportunity to not only learn more about the latest issues in the water industry, but also to better get to know our clients to understand their needs, issues, and overall objectives. We look forward to seeing those of you attending in Denver!

Couldn’t make it to the conference this year? Get insights into what is being discussed and hear from CH2M HILL’s experts presenting at ACE 2013 all week long on the Access Water Blog and on CH2M HILL’s Access Water Twitter feed!

Get a printable version of CH2M HILL’s presentations and presence at AWWA ACE.

Main Events Where You’ll Find Us

4pm – 9pm Water For People Festival for Water – Civic Center Park
Stop by for a visit at our booth, straight back across the park from the main stage.
11:45am – 1:15pm Water For People Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Award Luncheon – Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center
11:30am – 1:15pm Water Industry Luncheon and Awarding of Holly A. Cornell Scholarship – Convention Center, Four Seasons Ballroom.
1:00 – 4:00pm Career Fair, Colorado Convention Center, Room 207 
3:00 – 4:30pm TopOps Semi-Final and Finals, Colorado Convention Center, Rooms 201/203
7:30-9:00am Fuller Award Breakfast – Hyatt Regency Denver
CH2M HILL’s Brad Phelps, Lawrence Benjamin and Tom Walters will be honored with Fuller Awards during the breakfast. AWWA annually presents George Warren Fuller Awards to the AWWA Sections’ selected members for their distinguished service to the water supply field in commemoration of the sound engineering skill, the brilliant diplomatic talent, and the constructive leadership that characterized the life of George Warren Fuller.

CH2M HILL Employee Technical Presentations

2:30 PM | Mark Alpert | MON09 – Successfully Using Design-Build as a Project Delivery Method for Water Infrastructure Projects: RFP’s: Selecting the Design-Builder

4:00 PM | Korkud Egrican | MON13 – New Tools and Methods for Water Treatment Plant Design: The Potential Causes Of Biofilm Fouling On Biological Filters And Preventative Measures

2:00 – 5:00 PM | Matt Ridens, Jason Curl & Charles Krogh | PSTO1 – Water Quality & Research Poster Session: Consecutive Distribution Systems As A Water Supply Solution To Serving Denver South Metro Utilities

2:00 – 5:00 PM | Elio Arniella | PSTO1 – Water Quality & Research Poster Session: Fluoride Tracer Study Methodology To Establish Baseline Water Quality Simulations For Water Distribution Systems

2:00 – 5:00 PM | Paul Berg, Adam Nielsen & Wally McCullough | PSTO1 – Water Quality & Research Poster Session: Using Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Modeling To Evaluate & Improve Clarification In A 65 Mgd Water Treatment PlantWater Distribution Systems

2:00 – 5:00 PM | Enoch Nicholson, Matthew Steele, Mark Eppich, Lee Odell, S. Dean Ramsey | PSTO1 – Water Quality & Research Poster Session: Testing For Periodic Removal Of Nitrate From Midwest Surface Water

2:00 – 5:00 PM | Joseph Zalla | PSTO1 – Water Quality & Research Poster Session: Implementation And Startup Of Ozone And UV Disinfection Systems During Continued Operation Of A Water Treatment Facility

9:40 AM | Nancy Barnes | TUE03 – Becoming the Water Utility of the Future: Capacity Building

10:00 AM | Cory Johnson | TUE15 – Small Systems: Unique Treatment Challenges: Small System, Big Problems!

11:15 AM | Kathy Freas | TUE11 – Building Sustainable Water Infrastructure for the Year 2050: Closing Panel

11:30 AM | Joshua Joseph | TUE01 – A Comprehensive Guide to Communicating Special Issues to Stakeholders: Customers and Clients, Critiques and Concerns: Toward a Paradigm for Policy Analytic Success

11:30 AM | Paul Swaim | TUE17 – The World’s Most Scrutinized Treatment Technology: Refocusing on UV Disinfection in Light of What We Know Today: UV Design & Operation Moving Forward: Balancing Cost Effectiveness & Conservatism

1:30 PM | Mike Matichich | TUE20 – Framework and Tools for Effective Utility Management: Performance Benchmarking Framework and Tool for Effectively Managed Water Utilities

1:30 PM | Chris Peluso | TUE26 – You CAN Get There From Here: Multiple Approaches to Managing Assets (Part 1): Implementing A Utility Operations Solution At Middlesex Water – The Benefits Achieved; The Challenges Overcome

2:30 PM | Nancy Barnes | TUE23 – Developing Strategic Alliances: Benefits and Lessons Learned: The WOPs Experience

2:30 PM | Ufuk Erdal | TUE32 – Chloramines: Making the Switch: Chloramine Stability And DBP Formation In Distribution System Carrying Blended Stream Of Desalinated And Treated Surface Waters

3:00 PM | Kerry Meyer | TUE31 – Finding the Edges of Biological Treatment: Biological Treatment Performance Under Contaminant & Hydraulic Loading Rate Swings

3:00 PM | Quirien Muylwyk | TUE21 – Canadians Agree with Einstein: Imagination is More Important than Knowledge: Is QMRA Actually Useful? Using Risk Assessment in Capital Planning or Day-to-Day Operations. Or both

8:45 AM | Armin Munevar | WED05 – Examining Water Management in the Colorado River Basin: Colorado River Basin Supply And Demand Study – Integrated, Long-Term Planning In The Face Of Uncertainty

8:45 AM | John Porcella | WED11 – Removal of Dissolved Metals from Water: Lessons Learned from 8 years of Operating a Hexavalent Chromium Treatment Plant

11:30 AM | Stuart Jeffcoat | WED14 – Getting the Bugs Out – Disinfection System Design: Making The Business Case: Chlorine Gas Conversion

10:15 AM | Brian Skeens | WED15 – Innovative Approaches to Optimizing Distribution System Operation: Water Distribution Optimization Tools And Case Studies

2:30 PM | Elisa Speranza | WED22 – Investing in Your Career: Leadership for Young Professionals: Top Ten Skills You Will Need To Be a Future Water Industry Leader

2:30 PM | Larry Schimmoller | WED25 – Turning Risk to Reward: Potable Reuse Water: Potable And Non-Potable Reuse: How Much Does It Really Cost?

2:30 PM | Ashley Wille | WED30 – Treatment Evaluation for Radium & Arsenic Removal: Rapid Bench-Scale Testing Of Adsorptive Media For Arsenic Removal – Lessons Learned

3:30 PM | Bill Bellamy | WED34 – Biological Treatment – Novel Sustainable Solutions for Contaminant Mineralization: Balancing Treatment Goals In Systems Using Water Biologically Active Carbon Filtration And Chloramination

3:30 PM | Quirien Muylwyk | WED33 – Case Studies of Tools to Help Utilities Protect Public Health: Fixing Filters: Optimization Tricks And Lessons Learned From Summer 2012

2:00 – 5:00 PM | Brian Skeens | PST05 – Distribution, Engineering, Management, Small Systems, and Public Affairs Poster Session: Water Smart Grid—The Puzzle Pieces are Now Available, Here is How to Put Them Together and Why You Want to

10:00 AM | Jim Lozier | THU11 – Reverse Osmosis Concentrate: Selecting Solutions: Treatment And Reuse Of RO Concentrate To Achieve Sustainable Water Management For An Electronics Manufacturer Located In Arid, Water Scare Areas