Dear All Water Industry Members,

Thank you. In fact, thank you to the entire engineering industry. You’re heroes without the capes (and often without the recognition). So as we kick off the holiday season here in the States I’d like to thank my colleagues across the globe (clients Kasey with her real life engineering superhero, her father Tom Hurlbutt, PE, at his favorite piece of infrastructure, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.and competitors alike).

To a majority of the world what you do is an enigma. When they look at you they see bridges, skyscrapers, overpasses, and dams. But we know that’s only half the picture.

The other half of the story is the tremendous amount of heart and compassion that you pour into your work. To you it’s not just a bridge, skyscraper, overpass, or dam. It’s about building infrastructure that keeps communities (often your community) thriving. Sure, you love to geek out on overturn moments, Bernoulli equations, and Excel pivot tables (because they’re awesome). But it’s your desire to design and build the fundamental platforms for human connection, health, and innovation that got you into the biz (and keeps you here on the particularly mundane days).

Most of the time the world doesn’t notice your work (unless you do it wrong) or the passion behind it. Neighborhoods don’t hang signs reading, “God Bless, the Engineering Industry.” There is no Engineer’s Appreciation Day, or Hug-An-Engineer program. You’re about as unsung as heroes go. But you know what? I think you prefer it that way. You’re a talented bunch, but you’re also humble.

So this Thanksgiving, I’m putting all of you on my gratitude list. Thank you for the things you do every day to (literally) build a better world. It’s an honor to be in your company.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Kasey Hurlbutt, CH2M HILL Global Brand Manager and Staff Engineer

Kasey Hurlbutt, CH2M HILL Global Brand Manager and Staff EngineerMs. Hurlbutt is CH2M HILL’s Global Brand Manager based in CH2M HILL’s Denver, Colorado office. Ms. Hurlbutt is an engineer by training and spent the first part of her career designing green stormwater infrastructure for transportation and urban development projects, as well as managing meta-data for hydrologic and sustainability programs. She hopes to use her engineering background in her new brand role to help CH2M HILL, and the engineering industry, tell a more compelling, accessible global story.

Read Ms. Hurlbutt’s blog, “Not Your Average Engineer – Yet.”