By Jesus Garcia-Aleman, CH2M HILL Senior Technologist and Canada Regional Membrane Technology Leader

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Jesus Garcia-Aleman, CH2M HILL Senior Technologist and Canada Regional Membrane Technology LeaderFor the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Water Quality and Technology Conference that was held this week, I organized a pre-conference workshop with Southern Ontario’s Region of Peel titled “Implementation of Advanced Disinfection, Biological and Organic Control Treatment Technologies.” AWWA’s Disinfection, Biological Treatment and Membrane Processes Committees co-sponsored the workshop, which was held Sunday, November 4.

We had forty participants join us for a great lineup of presentations to learn about full-scale monitoring and optimization techniques for biological treatment, multi-barrier disinfection and organic control, and risk assessment (QMRA). The presentations included:

Overview of the Lorne Park and Lakeview Water Treatment Plants (WTP) by Region of Peel’s Jeff Hennings

Effective Management of Microbial Drinking Water Safety in Conventional and Advanced Treatment Processes Using QMRA by Region of Peel’s Jane Bonsteel, who is also Director of the Ontario Water Works Association

Leveraging Multiple Disinfection and Organic Control Strategies in Five Large Scale Treatment Trains to Manage Water Quality by Andrew Farr from the Regional Municipality of Peel Public Works

Operating a Plant While it’s Being Converted from a Conventional Membrane, Ultraviolet and Advanced Oxidation Process by Sheldon Belbin of the Ontario Clean Water Agency

Monitoring and Optimization Tool Box for Full-Scale Biological Treatment Systems by Barbara Siembida-Lösch, University of Waterloo, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering; and Jane Bonsteel

Lakeview WTPIn the afternoon, participants were treated to tours of the 280-mgd Lakeview and 132-mgd Lorne Park WTPs.  These facilities combine conventional [circa 1950] and advanced [circa 2007 and 2010] treatment technologies (membranes, UV, UV AOP, ozone, biological carbon contactors, and catalytic GAC filters) with sustainable practices to deliver high-quality drinking water to the Region of Peel. CH2M HILL has proudly carried out the design of all pumping, treatment and storage facilities at the Lakeview WTP since the initial 2MGD WTP and 1MGD reservoir were constructed in 1954, and continues to manage and deliver all work on the expansion of this award-winning facility. CH2M HILL was also the designer of the original conventional treatment facilities at the Lorne Park WTP.

Region of Peel WTP Tour during AWWA WQTC 2012Overall, I think everyone enjoyed the sessions and tours, providing positive feedback and great questions along the way. It was a pleasure to have folks from around the world join us for the workshop and provide insights from their own experiences as well. It is with much gratitude I thank those who joined me for the workshop to present and showcase the great work being done in the Region of Peel to provide its citizens with high-quality drinking water.

Jesus Garcia-Aleman is a senior technologist and Regional Membrane Technology Leader for CH2M HILL Canada overseeing business development, client service, staff development, technology and project delivery of regional membrane projects. He has more than 9 years of consulting experience in water treatment gained in over 25 treatment projects for municipal and industrial clients ranging from 1 to 800 ML/d in capacity and 500K to $160M in capital value. He is co-author of the Membrane Processes Chapter in AWWA’s Water Treatment Design 5th Edition, former co-instructor of AWWA’s Micro- and Ultra-filtration Technologies Seminar, and past chair of the AWWA’s Membrane Systems Subcommittee. He has presented over 20 conference papers and workshops.