By Brandy Wilson, CH2M HILL North American Environmental Management System (EMS) Manager

Brandy Wilson, CH2M HILL North American Environmental Management System (EMS) ManagerYeah, yeah, yeah, you’ve been hearing about it from all sides at CH2M HILL (and probably at every Earth Day, recycling fair or eco-friendly venue you may have been to). We don’t want bottled water in the offices because it doesn’t support our municipal clients or our efforts in the industry. We don’t want bottled water because of the enormous carbon footprint in shipping and packaging. We don’t want bottled water because most bottles don’t get recycled, and many end up in a trash vortex in the ocean.

Now it’s not just an environmental thing—it’s a personal health thing too. The YOU Docs published another article today in their syndicated column about the benefits of hydration from the foods we eat and good old fashioned tap water. This adds to a previous article, where the YOU Docs discussed the health and environmental benefits of drinking outside the bottle.

So drink up—sustainably—and know that you’re making your doctor happy, as well as the planet.

Brandy Wilson truly embraces environmental stewardship and knows, firsthand, that there’s an art to sustainability. Since joining the firm 15 years ago, Brandy has witnessed the evolution of sustainable engineering at CH2M HILL and has been instrumental in the adoption of sustainability practices in daily operations. Today, Brandy serves as the Manager for our ISO 14001-conformant EMS for the U.S. and Canada, which monitors the firm’s performance against sustainable business criteria. She was instrumental in piloting the company’s EMS program and helping to make CH2M HILL the first in our industry to establish such a program. She helped start one of the firm’s first “Green Teams” in 1995, raising awareness of sustainability issues and encouraging environmental stewardship in our offices. Brandy continues to provide sustainability framework consulting and environmental communication services for CH2M HILL clients and regularly publishes sustainability articles on behalf of the firm.