From Grassroots to Business to Government Initiatives: How Everyone Can Play a Role in Achieving Water Sustainability

As an extension of Engineers Week and Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, National Engineers Week Foundation will host its 8th annual Global Marathon For, By and About Women in Engineering and Technology, March 5-10, 2012.  The Global Marathon is the only event of its kind connecting women in engineering and technology worldwide—across a diverse range of disciplines, experience levels, ages, interests, backgrounds, cultures, industries and employers—to foster innovative and creative thinking to tackle our many global challenges and expand our range of solutions.

Originating from a different part of the world each day, this year’s theme is 7 Billion and Counting: Dreams, Ideas and Actions to Change the World.  The Global Marathon connects women from six continents for conversations ranging from water and food to energy and entrepreneurship. Individuals from corporations, universities, non-profit and community organizations, and others will participate in real-time webcasts, internet chats, polling questions, teleconferences and live events. The free event kicks off each day with an hour-long webcast discussing today’s seminal issues, offering a picture of what tomorrow can look like (dreams), projects and plans on how to achieve a better tomorrow (ideas), and concrete steps participants can take today (actions).

Here at CH2M HILL, we are committed to recruiting, developing, and advancing women in the workplace, and we’re pleased to be hosting a webinar to kick off the China program on Friday, March 9, during the Global Marathon called, “From Grassroots to Business to Government Initiatives: How Everyone Can Play a Role in Achieving Water Sustainability.” As the global population exceeds 7 billion and rapid urbanization continues, the challenge of sustainably managing the world’s water resources has never been greater. Our panel of CH2M HILL experts will discuss how individuals, businesses, and governments around the world are taking bold action and delivering solutions at a sufficient scale to make a measurable difference. Our experts will provide insight into the visions, innovative ideas, actions and technologies that are changing the urban water paradigm, leaving Global Marathon participants with a better understanding of how everyone can play a role in achieving water sustainability.

The panel includes:

–Hui Chng Chan, CH2M HILL Project Manager, who will discuss the dreams and long-term, holistic vision for Singapore to achieve water security. Learn a bit about the many aspects and projects behind the Singapore Water Story now in these Access Water blogs by Hui Chng Chan, Tuck-Wai Lee, and Ngo Chiaw Tan.

–Kate Peabody, CH2M HILL Communications Strategist, who will discuss WaterMatch, a grassroots, goodwill initiative that harnesses the power of social networking to promote the beneficial reuse of municipal effluent for industrial and agricultural use at the local level in order to converse fresh water and promote community and economic development. Learn more about WaterMatch now in this Access Water blog by Jan Dell.

–Steph Stoppenhagen, CH2M HILL Sustainability Strategist Lead and Client Service Manager, who will discuss the GreenUp website, the world’s first web-based virtual tool, launched in the District of Columbia, which incentivizes individual property and business owners to install green infrastructure measures on their properties to reduce stormwater runoff and save energy.  Read a bit about GreenUp now in Steph’s Access Water blog.

CH2M HILL will also be co-hosting a panel in Sao Paulo during the Global Marathon, and CH2M HILL Group President, Sustainability, Nancy Tuor ,will be participating on an entrepreneurship panel. Get more details on all of the panels and presentations, and register to participate in the Global Marathon, here.