There is no Planet B: STEM to the rescue!

There is no Planet B: STEM to the rescue!

August 11, 2017

SWE8In May, environmental engineer Sarah Brubaker, biologist Amy Sherman and geologist Stephanie Park spoke to seventh-grade girls in Denver, Colorado about their experience as environmental consultants, explaining why STEM is important to their careers. Their joint presentation, “There is No Planet B: Using STEM to Protect our Environment,” was part of the Society of Women Engineers’ 14th annual Girls Exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math event at the Denver Auraria Campus.

Over 1,000 local seventh-grade girls attendedSWE1 the event, which focuses on introducing girls to the career opportunities in STEM fields. Participants engage with local STEM professionals through three hands-on workshops designed to widen their horizons and introduce STEM careers in a fun and active environment.

SWE5Sarah, Amy and Stephanie shared how their careers allow them to protect and enhance our environment through remediation and restoration, using treatment wetlands as an example. The girls were given the opportunity to develop and test their own treatment wetlands. They enjoyed getting their hands dirty and being able to see how their own treatment wetlands effectively filtered out the contaminants in their water!

The Girls Exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math event aims to:

  • Identify and strategically invite young women that may not have exposure to STEM in their current school or home atmosphere
  • Demonstrate how STEM careers use math and teamwork to solve problems where helping people is an integral part of STEM careers
  • Demonstrate that innovation requires diversity in gender, ethnicity, religion, culture and many other factors


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August 2017

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