Meet our Rwimvubu project manager: Dolly Triviz

February 10, 2017


Our Bridges to Prosperity team left today for Rwimvubu, Rwanda, and they’re being led by Dolly Triviz, PH.D., P.E. A senior structural engineer with 35 years of experience, Dolly hails from Phoenix, Arizona. She considers herself a global citizen and lifelong learner. In fact, she spent her childhood years in Guatemala and Argentina.

“I will never tire of traveling to new places that challenge my way of thinking, values, beliefs, and ways of doing things,” said Dolly. “I’ve learned how big the world is, how little I’ve seen of it, and how little I know about it. Throughout my travels, I’ve learned it’s always beneficial, upon arriving to a new place, to find areas of commonality rather than focusing on differences. I’ve learned that relationships are more important than material things, and that the people with the least worldly goods are often the most happy people you will meet. I believe we all can learn many lessons from travel and the challenges it presents us.”

Dolly loves being in the outdoors and most sports (especially tennis and swimming). With two daughters, she will become a grandmother in May after she returns from Nicaragua. During her five years with CH2M, she’s spent 20 months in Saudi Arabia and 3 months in South Korea. She’s also an active learner of Brazilian jiu jitsu and a Crossfit enthusiast.

“As an engineer, I feel privileged to contribute to the B2P team and bridge build, as I believe it’s an organization that helps people at the grassroots level to solve some basic and difficult challenges in their communities,” explained Dolly. “But the bridge will change and improve their lives instantly and dramatically.”

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February 2017

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