Cosas nuevas y estimulante — Experiencia fantastica (New Challenge—Great Experience)

Cosas nuevas y estimulante — Experiencia fantastica (New Challenge—Great Experience)

August 15, 2015

Authored by volunteer bridge builder Mohammed Ismail on August 11.

Here is another day of adventure, day 10, which is an unforgettable day as it coincides with completing the bridge decking as well as my son’s 10th birthday so I would like to utilize this opportunity by wishing my lovely son Ibrahim a happy birthday. In addition, there was a video clip prepared by our amazing team including B2P team wishing my son a happy birthday in English and Spanish.

B2P_Nica_Team_huddleI feel like I am meeting people whom I knew before and our chemistry matches very well. Honestly, I am so lucky and delighted to be part of such a team being driven by a team-work spirit.

Since day 1, I have been involved in almost each and every activity. I am also delighted that I was involved mostly in challenging and difficult activities. On the other hand, my ideas and comments were totally accepted and praised by the team which is highly appreciated. Nearly a bridge

Yesterday was a very challenging and hectic day as the temperature was high and we had to fix all the suspenders and cross beams, but with such a wonderful and cooperative team, everything is possible. We had to split the team into 2 crews with one on each side, and we got the job fully completed on the same day as per the schedule. I can’t forget Candice and Kenny yelling from each side of the river saying “I miss you Mo” and myself responding back in Spanish saying “te echo de menos.” It was really a great fun. Tim (our construction manager) has been trying to teach me some Spanish, so thank you Tim. Decking

Today, and as everyday, our friend Mr. Rooster crows around 3:30 a.m. to start waking us up. By the time I wake up, have a quick wash and get dressed, normally a fresh breakfast is prepared by our two amazing and lovely master-chefs Lorena and Maria (Leonel’s wife who is B2P construction manager).

Once we had our delicious breakfast, we put on our PPE, sun cream, insect repellant and head to the “Bodega,” the storage room, where Javier runs us through today’s plan (in both English and Spanish) followed by some morning stretches led by one of the team members. From there, we start grabbing required material and tools for today’s activities and head off to the site and get the job done. By noon we break for lunch, again Lorena and Maria surprise us with fresh and new local Nicaraguan dishes. But before lunch I normally take off my safety boots to relax my feet, as blisters have been one of our enemies in addition to the hot climate. Once we have our lunch we head back to the site and get started again to get the job done. By 5:30 p.m. we start taking back the remaining materials and tools to the “Bodega” and run to our camp for another delicious dinner. After dinner, we sometimes go and play soccer with the locals followed afterward by a bucket shower or swim in Campasagua River. By this time, Mr. Rooster starts yelling again as a reminder for time to go to bed.

I have started learning some Spanish words but still depend a lot on gesturing. However, I feel very comfortable and pleased dealing with locals, they are very kind and simple people.

It is really amazing how 10 days have already passed quickly despite the challenges starting from the new tough lifestyle, bugs, wild animals, language barrier, lack of construction tools and materials, etc.—yet we have overcome all these challenges and I am so glad and honored to be on board on this amazing adventure.

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