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Project success!

Before & after

Before & after

At 12:45 p.m. on Saturday, July 5 the CH2M HILL Bridges to Prosperity team completed the La Conga Suspension Bridge, just in time for the 1 p.m. inaguration ceremony. Read our blog for a day-by-day recap of our time in La Conga.

The 45-meter suspension bridge our team built will never grace the front pages of history books but its impact is life-saving and incredibly important to the 200 community members who will now have a safe, efficien t way to reach school, health clinics, and commercial markets. The community of La Conga will benefit daily from this bridge, and every team member who played a small role in making this a reality has been changed as well by this experience—it stretched us outside our comfort zones, bridged new relationships, and will likely remain one of the most meaningful projects throughout our careers.



LineWalking is frequently the primary mode of transportation for rural community members. When rivers swell, walks to school, trips to work or visits to a doctor can become life threatening without a safe bridge to cross. That’s why the CH2M HILL Foundation is excited to partner with the not-for-profit organization Bridges to Prosperity in a skills-based volunteerism program to construct a 45-meter pedestrian suspension bridge in La Conga, Panama beginning June 28, 2014.

People in La Conga crossing the Rio Trinidad.

People in La Conga crossing the Rio Trinidad.

Our Challenge: During the rainy season the Rio Trinidad floods for days on end making it impossible for the communities of La Conga and La Florida to cross.

Opportunity: Create a safe way for 200 community members to access schools, medical clinics, commercial markets and farm land in 15 minutes instead of a 4-hour round-trip walk.

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A team of CH2M HILL transportation employees arrives in La Conga, Panama on June 27. While in the community, internet access is limited, so we will be providing a brief update of what the team is doing each day as well as some fun trivia about the team members, CH2M HILL’s bridge work, and the impact of Bridges to Prosperity’s work. But never fear…the team will be blogging and documenting their journey throughout their time in La Conga —the relationships built, the accomplishments of the day, and the legacy of one bridge’s impact. We will be posting those stories once the team returns as a retrospective on the trip; so keep checking back to follow the entire journey.

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Impact of a bridge

BridgestoProsperity_InfoScreenshotIt’s estimated that about 900 million rural people in developing countries do not have reliable year-round access to road networks and a third of those do not have access to a vehicle. For rural communities living in isolation can feed a cycle of poverty. This is where the not-for-profit organization Bridges to Prosperity (otherwise know as B2P) comes into play.

Bridges to Prosperity envisions a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists. Its programs provide access to healthcare, education and markets by teaching communities how to build footbridges over impassable rivers, in partnership with organizations and professionals—like the CH2M HILL team traveling to Panama.

The impact of a bridge on a community is life-altering—presenting new opportunities that result in prosperity for education, health and employment. We are a project delivery firm, so the CH2M HILL team is excited to see what we can build with decking, cable and concrete. However, more importantly the team is excited to build a relationship with the community of La Conga and looks forward to following their progress to see how the structure we leave behind will make a lasting impact on their lives.



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