Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do organizations apply for grant funding from the CH2M Foundation?
A: At the present time, there is no open grant application process. Grantees are selected on a case-by-case basis by the Board of Directors and Foundation staff based on their strategic alignment with our mission and programs. This decision is based on the Foundation’s preference to deepen its relationship with select charitable partners for maximum impact.

Q: Do all organizations qualify for CH2M Foundation grant funding?
A: No. Organizations must support the CH2M Foundation’s mission and fit within its stated program areas. All charitable organizations must be recognized by the appropriate government agencies within their countries. For example, in the United States, this is the IRS; in the United Kingdom, it is the Charity Commission. Applicants must pass the online, pre-vetting portion of the grant application process, which details the specific types of request supported by the CH2M Foundation. Organizations must also conduct their business in alignment with CH2M’s and the Foundation’s stated values, including non-discrimination.

Q. Do CH2M Foundation grants provide general operating support or do they only fund programs and projects?
A. Foundation grants may provide general operating support, provided the operations align with the Foundation’s mission and program areas.

Q. What is the CH2M employee travel grant program?
A: Employee Travel Grants benefit employees who are lending technical expertise to Bridges To Prosperity, Engineers Without Borders USA or Water For People. These grants fund employee travel expense, and supply and material costs for projects that bring sustainable infrastructure solutions to developing countries worldwide. Employees may apply for these grants via the online grant application tool.

Q: Is there a maximum grant allocation per organization?
A: No. Currently there is no grant minimum or maximum. However, the Foundation favors a strategy focused on more impact giving with larger more impactful grants to fewer organizations.

Q. In which countries does the CH2M Foundation fund organizations?
A. The CH2M Foundation only funds organizations working in CH2M’s operating countries where we do business.

Q: How much funding does the CH2M Foundation invest in global communities each year?
A: While the level of funding varies each year, the Foundation anticipates investing up to US$1 million to support STEM Education and Sustainable Communities around the world.

Q: Who makes up the CH2M Foundation board of directors?
A: The CH2M Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of five to nine members, and the president of the Foundation Board of Directors is a senior executive of the firm, with direct contact with CH2M’s CEO. Currently, only CH2M employees sit on the Board of Directors.

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