A wise friend of mine once said: “People will support what they value. People will value what they understand.” A Coalition of associations representing water and wastewater utilities and private sector companies like ours who serve the industry have banded together in quest to help build understanding and support for the vital water and wastewater infrastructure that underpins our economy, our environment and our very way of life.

CH2M HILL is proud to join with the Vale of Water Coalition to announce the launch of a new public education campaign. The culmination of a year’s worth of hard work from all sides of our sector, this campaign is designed to address the common challenge we all share: the lack of public understanding and support for the much-needed investment in water and water infrastructure. The message is not new or revolutionary, but for the first time, the messengers are literally singing from the same hymn book. Imagine it: water and wastewater associations along with private sector competitors—all of us rowing in the same direction on this one critical issue.

The campaign looks to reach audiences where they now seek information the most, online through social media channels. The Coalition will be regularly releasing content created specifically for the campaign designed to inform audiences about the challenges we now face. The hope is that we can take our issues—sexy to us but not necessarily to the average person—and elevate them into the public consciousness in a new way.

So whether you’re a water geek or just a concerned citizen, please take a minute to visit our campaign website, www.thevalueofwater.org, to learn more and the see the campaign in action.