The last couple of weeks have seen some crazy weather around the country with a huge snow dump here in Denver–inconvient but bringing much-needed moisture. Skiiers, water utility managers and farmers rejoiced. Not so joyful were those stuck in their vehicles on the highway in Kansas during a freak snowstorm there–a powerful reminder that we should have supplies in our cars to sustain us in case something like that happens where we live, and to heed the weather reports when they say “stay home.”

All of these events have a common thread involving climate and water. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria did a very insightful segment on his Sunday show on the global water crisis. While this information might not be new to those of us in the water business, it’s good that the wider world, including policy-makers, are starting to figure out the implications of ignoring water issues. Global Water Crisis

Scary stuff, but the answers are within our grasp if we’re willing to prioritize investments in our water infrastructure, technology and equity among “water haves and have-nots.” Whether we are helping clients plan, design, build, or operate their systems, CH2M HILL is right in the middle of these important global issues.