New Year, New Beginning

Hot 8

December 29, 2013. It’s almost the end of 2013. It’s a beautiful sunny day here in New Orleans and we’re just back from a Second Line< parade Uptown. The Second Line is a kind of like a rolling block party. You can catch one most Sundays throughout the year in various neighborhoods for a little local music and authentic culture. It’s a great [...]

Understanding the Value of Water

A wise friend of mine once said: “People will support what they value. People will value what they understand.” A Coalition of associations representing water and wastewater utilities and private sector companies like ours who serve the industry have banded together in quest to help build understanding and support for the vital water and wastewater infrastructure that underpins our economy, our environment and our very way of life.

CH2M HILL is proud to […]

Labor Day Weekend

It’s a cloudy day on Martha’s Vineyard, perfect for finally getting to that writing I’ve been meaning to do. The seagulls are complaining about something, and the gentle chug of distant outboards competes with the clanking of halyards on the sailboats in the harbor. The ocean outside helps cut through the clutter of news and events to try and report on something hopefully more meaningful than Miley Cyrus’ MTV performance and less disturbing than […]

View from the Genba

Last week was jam-packed with great opportunities to interact with our clients. Saturday night, the North Hudson Sewerage Authority in New Jersey celebrated its 25th anniversary with a charity event on the Hudson River. CH2M HILL has been with them every step of the way as their operations and engineering partner. Together we have witnessed the revitalization of a great American waterfront, in large part thanks to the now-clean river. It was also another […]

  • Amazi Kuri Bose
    Everyone-Forever in the Land of a Thousand Hills Everyone-Forever in the Land of a Thousand Hills

    Everyone-Forever in the Land of a Thousand Hills

Everyone-Forever in the Land of a Thousand Hills

As I sit here at my kitchen table on Sunday night, it’s hard to believe just a few days ago we were tromping around the dusty roads of Rwanda, visiting water points, latrines, schools and clinics to see first-hand the marvelous work Water For People is helping with in that country.

Last Friday morning, June 21, Jon and I were joined by our friends Gina Wammock and Eric Rothstein for a visit to the […]

  • Elisa in Rwanda
    Women’s leadership retreat in Uganda Women’s leadership retreat in Uganda

    Women’s leadership retreat in Uganda

Women’s leadership retreat in Uganda

Dateline: Kigali, Rwanda, Africa

I just arrived back at the Hotel Mille Collines, the subject of the Don Cheadle movie Hotel Rwanda. It’s been an eventful five days in Africa already. I arrived in Kigali last Saturday night with my colleagues Dr. Tasha Eurich and Alice Madden. The next day we were transported across the Ugandan border to Lake Bunyonyi, site of the Global Livingston Institute’s (GLI) first-ever Women’s Leadership […]

2013 Sustainability Report is out

I’m excited to share CH2M HILL’s Sustainability Report 2013 our sixth sustainability report since 2005. You can read about:

· How we are reducing our environmental footprint in both our clients’ projects and our internal operations
· Our expanded carbon emissions inventory and assessment
· Information about our global environmental programs […]

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    Mayors and Water’s Green Path Mayors and Water’s Green Path

    Mayors and Water’s Green Path

Mayors and Water’s Green Path

I hope everyone had a great Drinking Water Week last week. I had a fun day Friday, celebrating with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock as he accepted the City’s first place award for the Wyland Foundation’s Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation. Other winning cities included: Laguna Beach, CA, Bremerton, WA, Tucson, AZ and West Palm Beach, FL. CH2M HILL’s Water Match was a sponsor, along with EPA’s Water Sense program, the National League […]

Happy Sustainability Month!

It’s been crazy busy the last few weeks. Over the last month I’ve had the privilege of visiting with our teams and clients in The Villages, Florida, the New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board, North Hudson Sewerage Authority, and Lehigh County Authority. In the midst of it all, CH2M HILL held a Women’s Leadership Summit, which brought together about 150 of our most talented women for a couple of days of learning and fellowship. […]

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    Snowy Day Snowy Day

    Snowy Day

Snowy Day

The last couple of weeks have seen some crazy weather around the country with a huge snow dump here in Denver–inconvient but bringing much-needed moisture. Skiiers, water utility managers and farmers rejoiced. Not so joyful were those stuck in their vehicles on the highway in Kansas during a freak snowstorm there–a powerful reminder that we should have supplies in our cars to sustain us in case something like that happens where we live, and […]